Friday, 24 October 2014

No trick..just treats!

Can you believe Halloween is just around the corner? Whether you're going to be out trick or treating with your little ones, watching horror movies with your friends or carving pumpkins into the wee hours, Halloween is definitely a great excuse to get creative - in your home and with your food.Before you read some of our favourite Halloween snacks, take our survey and let us know what you'll feed your kids

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It is also a time of year famous for eating sweets - adults and kids are prone to jellies, lollipops, bon bons and chocolate this time of year. We're not going to tell you don't have anything sweet, but not all Halloween food needs to contain huge amonts of sugar.

Some of our office team had a chat about this today over our tea-break and shared some fun, spooky, healthy ideas. Check them out after the jump.

Barry: One of my family favourite Halloween foods is serving a nutritious soup in a carved out pumpkin. Usually we try to make a green soup and tell the kids it is a Witche's favourite Supper. We don't stop the kids from having a sweet treat later in the night but it's important for them to have something nutritious too.

Georgia: Halloween has always been one of my favourite times of year. I absolutely love getting dressed up and hosting a haunted party for all my friends and family. One of my favourite things to have are banana ghosts or Boonanas. They are a cute, fun snack and usually get a laugh from my friends.

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Fiona: My family like sweet things, and so do I! At Halloween and at Christmas, finding the balance can be a challenege - I understand this. I want to create happy memories for my family and keep them healthy - one of my favourite ways to keep us all happy is serving baked sweet potato shapes. Sweet potato is both sweet in taste and nutritious. I love to cut them into ghosts, stars, pumpkins and sprinkle some cinnamon over them for the kids and hot chilli powder for the grown ups.

Adam: A firm favourite in my house for Halloween has got to be ink spaghetti! Kids and adults alike love seeing the black pasta for a spooky dinner. I always get extra points if I stuff peppers with the pasta and carve faces into them. Everyone loves to see the spaghetti oozing out of the peppers. Carving peppers will liven up any dinner party.


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