Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Summer Hydration Station

Schools are out and so is the sun!  High temperatures are set to continue this summer so it’s important for us all to keep hydrated, but how do we ensure that our families drink enough water and avoid high sugar drinks this summer?  Here are our top five fun and helpful tips for drinking healthy this Summer.

1.      Mix it up.  Children can easily get bored of ordinary tap water and refuse to drink it.  To encourage them to drink more, try introducing a variety of fun combinations, such as freezing raspberries or blueberries into ice cubes and dropping them into water for a fruity, vitamin-packed treat.  To add more excitement you could even try using fun-shaped ice trays like hearts, stars or their favourite animals.

2.     Add some sparkle. If your children are refusing to drink plain water, why not give SodaStream sparkling water a go?  Children will love creating their own homemade bubbly water which they can make with as much fizz as they like.  You can even try mixing sparkling water with ¾ of still water to gradually wean children onto sparkling water or, you could add a splash of their favourite flavour, or a few squeezes of fresh orange.  Remember, SodaStream drinks contain 70% less sugar than other drinks brands.

3.     Make it fun.  Let your children pick out a special cup, such as a princess or football themed one to drink from, as well as a fun straw.  Only let them use it when they are drinking water – before you know it they’ll be asking for their favourite cup!  Always leave the beaker within their reach to ensure it’s to hand when they’re on-the-go.

4.     Challenge them.  Encourage your kids to drink to a certain level on their mug, or make it into a game to see who can finish their water the fastest.  You need to set a good example, the more water you drink, the more your kids will too!  Set goals and keep a chart on the fridge or on the wall in the kitchen, so that they can keep track of their water consumption – and to act as a reminder.

5.      Keep it visual.  Explain to your children how the human body works using visual posters or books to show them why water is vital for staying healthy.  Educate them on how much water they should be drinking every day – as a guide children aged four to eight should drink one litre of water per day.

Make sure you have a SodaStream Hydration Station at home.  Whether you’re already a sparkling water fan, or looking to improve your health and wellbeing, SodaStream is the perfect way to keep hydrated.  SodaStream allows you to turn tap water into sparkling water with as much fizz or flavour as you like!

Ps, Don't forget to enjoy the summer with your family. They always fly by!

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