Friday, 24 October 2014

No trick..just treats!

Can you believe Halloween is just around the corner? Whether you're going to be out trick or treating with your little ones, watching horror movies with your friends or carving pumpkins into the wee hours, Halloween is definitely a great excuse to get creative - in your home and with your food.Before you read some of our favourite Halloween snacks, take our survey and let us know what you'll feed your kids

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It is also a time of year famous for eating sweets - adults and kids are prone to jellies, lollipops, bon bons and chocolate this time of year. We're not going to tell you don't have anything sweet, but not all Halloween food needs to contain huge amonts of sugar.

Some of our office team had a chat about this today over our tea-break and shared some fun, spooky, healthy ideas. Check them out after the jump.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Devils Breath

Halloween is fast approching and we have got a cocktail to spook your socks off!
Tweet a pic @SodaStreamUK to show us your attempts.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Watermelon Citrus

Saturday. Saturday. SATURDAY! We are excited for yet another #SodaSaturday and this weeks drinks recipe couldn't be easier. It's always a winner in our homes  - let us know if you like it too!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Autumn Decoration Ideas!

We like to change things up in Autumn. We eat different foods ( a lot of apples and squash), we drink different flavours and we dress differently. It seems only right that our homes look a little different too. We asked around the office to discover what simple things our team do to make their home look more seasonal. Here are our Top 5 Autumn Decor Ideas. Grab yourself a cold SodaStream drink, sit back and read !

1. New styles of floral arrangements: While we love wild, over grown flower arrangements for the Summer months, it is nice to see something different in our vases come Autumn. One of our favourte things to incorparate in our arrangements is Oak Tree leaves. You can either pick some from your garder or buy preserved ones in florists/garden centre. Make sure to include warm orange/red colours into your arrangements too - this will make all the difference. A good Halloween tip is to dry a bouquet of flowers and put fake spiders all over them. These will look beautiful and just creepy enough to give that spooky feel to your house.

2. It's all about the Pumpkin: Need we say more?! Pumpkins are a cheap and cheerful way to make your home feel seasonal in Autumn. You can stack them by your front door, have them covered in glitter around your bedroom, filled with potpourri in your bathroom or made into laterns for your windowsills. Pumpkins make a beautiful centre piece for any dinner party - carved or uncarved.


Friday Favourites

This week has been full of team meetings and paperwork for us here at SodaStream. We couldn't be happier to see the weekend and know many of you will feel the same way. We're looking forward to making the most of the dry weather and bringing our fizz outdoors. Until then, check out some of our favourite things from this week..

Favourite Decoration: How amazing is this? We are definitely having one of these in our offices!


Citrus and Cucumber Pick Me Up.


  • 1. Prepare the soda: Fizz 1 liter of cold water with your SodaStream soda maker. Flavor with SodaStream free fresh lemonade sparkling drink mix
  • 2. Slice the cucumber and strawberries
  • 3. Pour the flavored sparkling water to a tall carafe and add cucumber and strawberry slices. Add mint leaves and garnish with lemon
  • Feel free to add some alcohol if you fancy.

If you do decide to make this cocktail, be sure to share a photo in the comments below or across our Facebook or Twitter profiles. We would love to see. Happy #SodaSaturday to you!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Peach Bellini

Another #SodaSaturday means another Cocktail recipe! We are obsessed with our new Free flavours and can't stop making this particular drink. If you're not one for making your own cocktails, our brand new Soda Cocktail Caps have a peach bellini flavour!
 Let us know if you like it in the comments below..


  • 1. Add the peaches and mint to a cocktail shaker or mason jar
  • 2. Muddle together at the bottom until a purée is created
  • 3. Add the vodka and a few cubes of ice. Shake.
  • 4. Strain the mixture into two cups and top with the free Apple Pear soda. Garnish with mint 
As always, don't forget to share your drink photos with us on Twitter and Facebook - you may even win a new SodaStream for yourself! 

Friday Favourites

Hello October! Time is really flying by but we are so thrilled to see October. The leaves are changing colours and we're getting out our winter coats. This weekend we are definitely going to be taking it easy. It definitely feels like the perfect time to go for a long country walk and to have a cosy Saturday night in! Until home time rolls around though, take a look at our favourite things from this week..

Favourite Decoration: It has to be a glitter pumpkin!


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Ideal Home at Christmas

Listen up everyone! SodaStream are so excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at both Ideal Home Shows at Christmas this year. That's right, we will have stands in Manchester and London in November! We are really, really looking forward to both shows and have started designing our stands but, we want to know how many of you are going to come see us there??

To celebrate us being at both locations this year we, along with Ideal Home, are offering you a special exclusive: 2 for 1 tickets for a limited time only!