Friday, 10 October 2014

Autumn Decoration Ideas!

We like to change things up in Autumn. We eat different foods ( a lot of apples and squash), we drink different flavours and we dress differently. It seems only right that our homes look a little different too. We asked around the office to discover what simple things our team do to make their home look more seasonal. Here are our Top 5 Autumn Decor Ideas. Grab yourself a cold SodaStream drink, sit back and read !

1. New styles of floral arrangements: While we love wild, over grown flower arrangements for the Summer months, it is nice to see something different in our vases come Autumn. One of our favourte things to incorparate in our arrangements is Oak Tree leaves. You can either pick some from your garder or buy preserved ones in florists/garden centre. Make sure to include warm orange/red colours into your arrangements too - this will make all the difference. A good Halloween tip is to dry a bouquet of flowers and put fake spiders all over them. These will look beautiful and just creepy enough to give that spooky feel to your house.

2. It's all about the Pumpkin: Need we say more?! Pumpkins are a cheap and cheerful way to make your home feel seasonal in Autumn. You can stack them by your front door, have them covered in glitter around your bedroom, filled with potpourri in your bathroom or made into laterns for your windowsills. Pumpkins make a beautiful centre piece for any dinner party - carved or uncarved.


3. Twinkle Lights: You might think they're too Christmassy, but we love using softer lighting in Autumn to give our homes a nice, relaxing atmosphere. Twinkle lights are perfect as they come in a range of colours and shapes. We love to see them dangling down our staircases or on our shutter blinds and around our windows.

4. Glitter Leaves: This is a really fun one to do with the kids, or even with your friends if they are big kids! Simply go outside and collect some nice, large flat leaves. Make sure they're good and dry first and then, simply apply glue and sprinkly glitter over them.  Leave them to dry and then hang down with twine from your ceiling. It will look great if you use some different glitter and leaf colours.

5. Candles & Throws: It sounds simple but it is very effective. If you want your home to feel cosy and have a different atmosphere, try investing in a few really nice scented candles and luxury throws. Never underestimate the power of a change of smell in your home. A brilliant apple and cinnamon candle will instantly transform your home and give it a true Autumn feel.

Do you have any other tips for us? Definitely let us know in the comments below.

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