Friday, 3 October 2014

Friday Favourites

Hello October! Time is really flying by but we are so thrilled to see October. The leaves are changing colours and we're getting out our winter coats. This weekend we are definitely going to be taking it easy. It definitely feels like the perfect time to go for a long country walk and to have a cosy Saturday night in! Until home time rolls around though, take a look at our favourite things from this week..

Favourite Decoration: It has to be a glitter pumpkin!


Favourite Activity: Baking home-made Apple Tarts (to have with a glass of our fizzy apple of course!) Ours probably won't look as beautiful as this but everyone loves a someone who tries, right?


Favourite Flowers: Definitely worth a trip to the farmer's market this weekend.

Favourite Drink: Our Cocktail Caps are here. #SodaSaturday anyone?

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Favourite Smile: Why not try making these with your little ones this weekend?


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