Thursday, 7 August 2014

Money Money Money!

Money. We all have it and lose it a lot quicker than we would like. Try as we might though, we just can't seem to stop buying our cheeky morning latte or our favourite fizzy drink from the shop on the way home from work. We are all the time, we like the idea of saving but in reality..we get thirsty! If you find yourself spending the pounds on bottles of fizzy drinks for your commute or evening in then SodaStream could be you new best friend. Check out our Top Ways SodaStream saves your time and money!

1. The Machine:

Are you a sparkling water drinker? Do you find yourself lugging home litres of the stuff from the shops each week? If you are nodding, a SodaStream is definitely for you! Once you purchase a machine and place it in your kitchen, all you need to do is pour water in the bottle and fizz it up - that simple! You will never have to buy Sparkling Water ever again. Plus, our drinks stay fizzy for longer even if they have been opened. Why not get a 500ml bottle, fizz it up and pop it in your bag for work? Refreshing, cost effective and means a lot less recycling at home!

2. The Bottle:

Did you know that our bottles will last up to 3 years (provided they're not put in the dishwasher). Think about that fact, 1 bottle is all you need! The bottles are strong and will not bend or break in your back pack or handbag. You don't need to constantly go to the shops anymore! You don't need to be running around the house trying to find a bottle for your drink in the morning, you always have the one. We also sell individual bottles on our website in case you want a spare.


We have over 40 different flavours to choose from. The flavours come in 500ml bottles and make up to 12 litres of fizzy drinks each (depending on how much flavouring you choose to add). Can you imagine carrying home 12 litres of your favourite drink at one time? Well, with SodaStream you can do that and not even break a sweat. Having a SodaStream means you can have everyone's favourite drink in the house at all times - without taking up all that room in your cupboards.


  1. How come there are only 40 flavours in the UK but looking at the US wesbite there are closer to 100!! We need more flavours SodaStream UK! :)