Thursday, 28 August 2014

Off To University

This time of year can often be bitter sweet for parents. Having seen them through all the dramas of school and exams, the time has come for them to leave home for the first time. While it is an extremely exciting time, it can be a bit daunting particularly if they’ve never been away from home before. We know you’re probably making lists of things they’ll need to bring, so have thought up a few things to help their halls feel like a home away from home.  

1. Photographs:
Putting up favourite photographs is one of the best and easiest ways to make your new room feel familiar. Why not spend a day at home printing some off and sticking them onto posters before you head off? While you will definitely make some of the best friends of your life while at uni, you don’t have to lose the ones who have been with you in secondary school. Make a memory poster to stick over your bed and encourage your friends to do the same. Seeing them on your wall everyday will remind you to ring them every so often too.

2. Bed sheets:
Get yourself some nice bedding before you go. Don’t forget to bring an extra blanket either. It is a fact that uni houses or halls are cold places! Bed will definitely be one of your favourite places so why not make it nice? Don’t forget to bring towels and a laundry basket while you’re at it.

3. Notice board:
This may sound like a silly one but having a notice board is so handy in uni. It’ll help you keep track of your timetable, student numbers, appointments, bus times etc. They also can act as a feature point on a bland wall. A lot of student housing has white brick walls – if you can’t paint it at least pimp it up!

4. Rug:
Ring the accommodation office before you move and ask what type of floors your room will have. It may not be a nice, clean wooden floor but rather a carpet that has been there longer than you’ve been on earth! Getting a nice rug can really transform a bedroom and make it feel cosier. Also, if the floor is going to be really cold, a rug under your feet will make getting dressed a lot easier in the morning.

5. Alarm Clock:
This is a must. If you miss all your classes you’ll miss out on meeting friends! You need to be able to get up and go into lectures. Don’t just rely on your phone; chances are you’ll forget to charge it!

6. Laptop Stand:
As mentioned, you will spend a lot of time lying in bed throughout your university years; whether it’s writing essays or wasting away your time on Netflix. If you constantly are on your laptop it will get dusty and over heat. You can get stands to hold the laptop in place on your lap meaning it’s more comfortable to lie in bed and watch your favourite shows and easier to work on.

7. Reading Light:
Going off to uni means you’ll actually have to do some of the required reading. This will probably be done in bed, last minute! We’ve all been there. Having a good reading lamp to help couldn’t be a bad thing.

8. Cooking Utensils:
Again, it’s a good idea to ring ahead and ask what stuff will be supplied in the apartment/house. Do you need pots and cutlery? Have you got a favourite mug you want to bring along? It’s easy taking these things for granted when your parents have cupboards full but once you get to uni, it might be a very different story.

9. Recipe Book:
Unless you’re used to cooking for yourself, you might want to get yourself a basic recipe book. Trust us, having a take-away every night will only add to the freshers 15! You will soon miss home cooked meals and your funds will thank you for eating in a few nights a week.

10. SodaStream:
Think of all the money you’ll save on drinks? If you like fizzy drinks, why not bring along a SodaStream for your housemates to share with you. Bringing something for everyone to share often breaks the ice and it will definitely get used in parties and lazy days for the entire year. 

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