Thursday, 19 June 2014

Currently Craving..

Hi All! 

Today we're just going to share some flavours we're really, really excited about here in the office - they are from our new Del Monte range and are just so perfect for the summer months. 

We are stocking 3 flavours: Del Monte Orange, Del Month Caribbean and Del Monte Tropical. All three are amazing and can be mixed with other flavours to make them even better - dare we say it! Our personal favourite flavour to mix with has to be our Lemonade. You end up with a drink so fresh and different to regular soft drinks.

If you're hosting a weekend party, or even a World Cup party tonight why not try out a new Del Monte flavour? We absolutely love the Caribbean flavour served with ice and rum - yum! If ever there was a drink to make you feel like you're on holiday - this is it!

If you think Caribbean won't be the flavour for you, you can't go wrong with mixing our Del Monte Orange with fresh lemons, ice and a touch of gin. And, for a true fruity, tangy experience, it has to be our Tropical with a dash of vodka.

The Del Monte range really does offer something different and is perfect for a BBQ or special dinner with the family. They are all available on our website and in stores. 

Have you tried the range yet? Let us know! We always love to hear your recipes and ideas about our products. Also, don't forget we have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - you'll be able to find other hint and tips along with other customer recipes in comments. Follow or like us :-)

Ps, if you would like the chance to win from SodaStream - this summer is your chance! We will be launching brand new competitions via our social media platforms in the very, very new future - don't miss out! Get following.

Bye for now x

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