Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Can you have fun and save the world at the same time? Eh..yes you can.

Hey everyone! Just a quick blog post today. As you all probably know Glastonbury is about to kick off and although none of our SodaStream team were lucky enough to get a ticket, we will be watching from home - can't wait! We know a lot of you must be packing your festival packs as I write this. It's easy to imagine thousands of people up and down the country queuing up to buy wet wipes and dry shampoo but we are interested to know if you think it is easy to be eco-friendly at a music festival?

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As everyone knows, music festival sites soon become covered in rubbish and plastic waste and in the past Glastonbury has been no different. However, this year we are thrilled to see that they are encouraging all you festival goers to bring reusable bottles and food containers. This is a fantastic step for the music festival in becoming more environmentally friendly. 

The festival will be giving out 2,000 reusable bottles to road crews and band members as well as offering more for sale. If you're going to Glastonbury, either bring your own reusable bottle or buy one of these. Or, better yet bring your SodaStream along :-) . Think of all the fun drinks you could make in your tent!  We would really love to see some photos if you do bring yours. 

Have you any eco-friendly tips which can be used at music festivals? Definitely let us know in the comments here or across our Facebook and Twitter profiles. 

Do you think reusable plastic bottles are easy to find? Let us know!!

Read more about what Glastonbury have planned this year here.

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