Monday, 21 July 2014

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Happy Monday everyone! Mondays can often feel a bit like New Years day..if you're going to make a change in your life, you often save it until Monday comes along. For many, this might be committing to walking to work rather than taking your car. It might mean eating healthier or cutting back on sugars and fats or even just being tidier at home and trying to get on top of all your chores before the weekend comes along. We all have something we want to change. For us here at SodaStream, we use Mondays to try to think of simple ways to be more environmentally friendly. We've talked about this together before, remember?

You might think this easy to say, but what about actually doing it? This is often a topic of debate within our offices here in the UK. We understand that we do make an impact on our natural resources and often struggle to fully understand the scale of the damage already done. When we hear things like the Great Barrier Reef is in "its worse state since records began" (The Guardian 2014), we freeze. We know this is bad news but unless we are there to see it first hand, news articles like this often get lost in translation. When the issues getting press are massive in scale, it can become an unreachable task to tackle. Although it is daunting, we do feel it is all of our responsibility to make a change; however small that change may be.

Well, we all have to walk before we can run, don't we? But, everyone can choose to walk to work. Some of us face long and tedious commutes morning and evening. We all know that our lifestyles put a lot of pressure on us, but don't fret - any change still makes a difference. With that in mind, we are sharing one simple environmental tip you can adapt to your lifestyle. Bring your own to-go cup! 

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A lot of us don't realise that the average take-away coffee cup is not recyclable. They are made from paper laminated with plastic which makes recycling them a difficult task. According to a recent newspaper article, "More than 2.5bn cups are thrown away in the UK every year- enough to go round the world five and a half time. But few are recycled and nearly all end up in landfill, creating 25,000 tonnes of waste - enough to fill London's Royal Albert Hall". (The Guardian). 

These numbers are shocking - and to think, they only represent the UK! All we need to do to help cut these figures down is bring our own cups. We know it takes a little bit of extra preparation in the mornings but we think we can manage it, don't you? 

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