Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Say Farewell to Summer with SodaStream!

Can you believe this weekend is August Bank Holiday? Time seems to absolutely fly by, especially in Summer. Soon we'll all be thinking about our Saturday Nights In, but before schools start back and the days get shorter, lets say farewell of summer in style.

A bank holiday weekend is a fantastic time for getting your family and friends together. It's not too late to plan a little gathering at your house or, if we're lucky enough, in your garden. With this in mind, we have come up with some of our Favourite Weekend Party Tips and Hints to share with you!

1. Mix it up:
Clear off that garden table and make it into a DIY bar! You'll need to stock it up with lemons, limes, mint, ice, glasses and whatever other drinks essentials you can find. Let your family and friends experiment with making their own cocktails and mocktails. Get them to make up their own garnishes and show you what they can do. You could even make it a competition - winner gets the first burger off the BBQ!

2. BYO:
Encouraging your guests to bring their own drink and food is always a good idea - everyone will have exactly what they want! While it may sound a bit selfish as a host to ask people to bring things to your party, sometimes people are grateful for it. It also can be really fun, encourage people to mix it up and try something someone else has brought. Not only will this get people talking to each other at your party, it also means you don't need to cook as much! Win, win.

3. Game On:
What on earth could be better than hosting a proper game night? Games are a fantastic way to get your guests relaxed and to get into the party mood. The possibilities are endless, you could host a night of quizzes, board games or even pass the parcel! Everyone loves a game so you'll find something to please all and if there are some who don't want to play, they can enjoy a drink and watch.

4. Music Maestro:
Music is definitely make or break when it comes to hosting a party. Not everyone will like the same artists or even the same genre of music. A good way to combat this is to ask your friends to send you a playlist of music they like, then you'll be able to mix and match as you please and everyone will like at least one song. A themed party will need music which reflects it so pay attention when choosing.

5. Theme:
Throwing a party with a theme is always a winner. It does take extra time, money and effort but if done right, it can transform a regular bank holiday BBQ into a memorable event! Everyone will agree that a theme can transport you into another world and that it is good fun to dress up. The theme doesn't have to be complicated though, just pick something that's relevant to your family and friends.

Have any of these hints and tips inspired you to host your own Farewell to Summer bash? Do you have any hints for us - we would love to hear them!

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