Friday, 15 August 2014

Friday Favourites

Friday, Friday, Friday!! We are so happy to see another weekend after another long week. Why is it always so hard to get out of bed on Friday mornings? Always seems 10 times harder than any other day. Still, work will soon be over and we can relax. Until then, check out some of our favourite things this week..

Favourite Day:  Our team spent a day tasting all our flavours this week. We were tested on the differences between classic flavours and diets, between our drinks and other brands and made up some ourselves. Great day! See our list of flavours here!

Favourite Thing: It has to be a Satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company. We are in  love! You can even get your initials or favourite thing written on them. And, as we're based in Cambridge too they are extra special! Check out their website here

Favourite Stationary: Oh how we wish we wrote on these at work. Find them here!

Favourite Weekend Activity:
 Making this fantastic Jamie Oliver recipe. Check it out here. Hello Sunday!

Favourite Treat: One of our team baked this week! Cherry Cake inspired by the Great British Bake Off.

Happy weekend everyone - hope it's a #fizzy one!

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