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Hot on our wish list - Bicycles

We always talk about different ways we can be more eco-friendly and do our best to reduce our carbon footprint. We love our eco-friendly products (see herehere and here!) and thought it would be great to do a piece on one of the best eco-friendly products there is - a bicycle!

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A few people within our own office bike to work everyday. Not only does this save them money (imagine no car insurance, tax or running costs!), it also keeps them fit. It seems like a no-brainer, right? This got us wondering, how many people could make do without a car, even just for a day. To help convince you all to try, we've put together a list of reasons why having a bike is a good idea:

 Reduces Household Emissions:

We all know that getting in our cars and driving everywhere is not good for the environment and yet we all do it, even if we're only nipping to the local shop. Taking your bike, even on little journeys, can really help to reduce your carbon footprint.

 Reduces Traffic:

Do you work in a city? Ever get annoyed seeing cyclists zoom in and out of the traffic while you sit stuck? There's nothing worse than all of your time disappearing away and not even being able to turn back. Well, if you live within 5 miles of your work place, you could easily be one of those cyclists zooming about! Think of the time you might save, even if you only cycled in the good weather. If you live in a town/city which has good cycle paths it makes it even easier.

 Cycling is exercise and makes you healthier:

Do you work in an office and sit down for most of your day? Yes, us too! We're constantly told the key to a good life is balance and exercise is a major part of this. We all know how tiresome work can be and how hard it can be to motivate ourselves to get to the gym after a long day. However, if you cycle to and from work, you are at least getting some of your recommended daily exercise (maybe even more depending on how far your journey would be). Not only will this be good for your body, but also for your mind. Exercise is known to reduce stress and anxiety so could help you relax after a long day.


Did you know that 20 bikes can be parked safely in the space one car takes up? This means many different things. For some of us, having a bike instead of a car means having a larger garden. For our town and city councils, it means not having to devote as much space to building car parks. Potentially, this could mean more space for parks or trees.

Money, Money, Money:

Fact. Having a bike will save you an awful lot of money over time. Yes, you will have to buy a bike, but before you do make sure to check if your employer is registered with a "Cycle To Work Scheme", this could save you even more money (see below for links). If you have a car or are thinking of buying one you will know how quickly the money adds up - buying the car, insurance, tax, fuel, parking, congestion charges! Need we even say anymore? While taking public transport is good and help cut down on emissions, it still costs a good bit too. Whether you live in London, Edinburgh or anywhere in between, it does cost to get buses and trains to and from work. Once you buy your bike, it is yours forever. The only other things you'll need are a helmet, lock and..well waterproofs! Some cities even allow you to rent a bike. Where do we sign up?

You get to see more:

Anyone who bikes to work will tell you, you will soon find streets and lanes you would never see in your car. Cycling means you can explore so much more and is particularly great if you're new to an area. You also will probably never be late for work, the only thing you depend on is that your tires are pumped.

Shop Local:

Riding a bike can often give a boost to your local, independent shops. People are more likely to go to their closest shop when they have to cycle, rather than face a longer journey to a chain store. This is good for many different reasons. Not only will it support your local economy, it will also build up and maintain emotional ties within your community. Some people meet the love of their lives in the local shop, if you never go you'll never know..

Ps, if you are looking for your local, independent store stocking SodaStream, just pop your postcode into our Store Locator.

It's fun:

Cycling can be a really fun, family activity. Cycle lanes around cities are brilliant as they mean you are away from the fast moving cars and can go at your own pace. It is an easy way to get your family active, especially while the evenings are still nice and bright.

Don't just take our word for it though, there is loads of information about cycling to work out there, including hints and tips. See herehere and here! We would love to know if you cycle to and from work - let us know in the comments. Would you try it even just for one day a week?

Why Cycle?
Why Cycle? - The benefits of riding your bike and why we should all get cycling, find out more here.

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